About Autism Matters

Autism Matters was established to provide support, knowledge and guidance to the Autism community.

With the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolling out across Australia, Autism Matters is uniquely qualified to offer assistance as participants and as a provider.

Every member of our team has a personal link to Autism.

We are people on the Spectrum, family members and friends.

Our founder, Joanne O’Brien, has worked in disability for over twenty years in areas such as child protection, family support and as the State Coordinator of the Early Days training under the Helping Children with Autism Package.

Many organisations who speak for the Autism community don not actually have anyone with Autism to make decisions on issues that effect them directly. It’s time that changed.

At the Autism Matters, we don’t just ‘talk the talk’.



Our highly motivated and experienced team have worked for some of the biggest organisations in the Autism field. We have joined forces to create better opportunities for those on the Spectrum and their families through affordable:

  • Training
  • Support Coordination/Connection
  • Parent workshops
  • In home/school support
  • Visual resources
  • Sensory groups
  • Social and Life Skill activities
  • Autism-friendly adventures/camps
  • Behavioural strategies
  • Advocacy
  • Forums
  • Guidebooks and Autism merchandise

Interested in joining us? Please contact us today.